What you should know

Notice to Vacate

If you are looking to vacate your rental property please fill in the Notice to Vacate Form through the button above.

If you are intending to vacate at the end of your Fixed Term Lease we currently request you give as much notice as possible by filling in the Notice to Vacate Form at your earliest convenience. If you are on a Periodic Agreement you are currently required to give 14 days’ notice in writing, which can also be completed by filling in the Notice to Vacate Form. If you would like to vacate during a Fixed Term Lease you will be required to break the lease and we request you contact your Property Manager for information in regards to your responsibilities and costs incurred in breaking a lease.


Final Inspection

A final inspection will be carried out on the property once all the keys have been returned to One Agency Collins. The Property Manager will complete the final inspection by checking the condition of the property in accordance with the Property Condition Report supplied to the tenant at the commencement of the lease.