Repairs and Maintenance

What you should know

General Repairs and Maintenance (non-emergency)
Please report any general repairs and maintenance through our Maintenance Request Form by clicking the above button. Once this form is submitted your Property Manager will contact the owners for instruction and will attend to the maintenance as soon as reasonable.

Emergency Repairs and Maintenance
For any emergency maintenance that occurs within business hours, please contact our office on 6420 6000 and complete the Maintenance Request Form by clicking the above button. For after-hours where an incidence takes place in the property you are renting which causes risk to your safety and/or health please contact the suppliers below.

If any of the below tradespeople are not available in an emergency, you may contact an alternate business to attend. Please make sure you obtain a receipt and you will be reimbursed where applicable. Please contact us on the next business day with details of the emergency so we may coordinate further works and ensure timely reimbursement of any funds.

Life threatening emergencies - Triple Zero (000)

Dobson Electrical - 6425 5776

Genr8 Electrical - 6449 4085

Briggs Plumbing - 0418 140 104

Kiely Plumbing - 6425 6005

Tas Gas (Emergency and outages) - 180 2111

Cleantek (water extraction from carpet) - 0418 121 340

SES (Floods & storms) - 132 500

Tas Networks (Electrical faults and outages) - 132 004

North West Snake Catchers - 0459 656 441

Lockworx Locksmiths - 6423 3229 or 0407 278 863

Please be aware that fees for Locksmiths to gain entry are not a reimbursable expense.

Heat Pumps
Heat pumps – If you are having an issue with your heat pump, try turning it off at the meter box for 15 minutes and then turning back on. This “resets” the system. HWC – It is quite common for your HWS to trip the power – if this happens there is an isolation switch in the meter box that can be flicked to the on position.

Please be aware if you engage the services of the above suppliers within business hours OR the work is NOT deemed an emergency, you will be liable for ALL charges associated with the work.